Faith Hill’s Tearful Serenade To Tim McGraw Proves Their Love Is Stronger Than Ever


YouTube / Bob Walker


After more than 20 years of wedded bliss, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw’s love still burns brighter than ever. The power couple from Nashville showed the world just how much they adore each other as they performed their duet, “I Need You.”

It was on one of the final nights of McGraw’s Brothers Of The Sun Tour in August 2012 when Hill became overwhelmed with emotion. As they sang the tender lyrics of their song, “Like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost, I need you,” Hill was unable to hold back her tears. She stopped singing and looked into her husband’s eyes, as if to say, “I need you more than ever.”

Their love story is one for the ages. They met in 1996 when they toured together on the Spontaneous Combustion Tour. They were immediately drawn to each other, and by the end of that year, they were married. They have been inseparable ever since, even making a vow to never be apart for more than three consecutive days.

Their beautiful family is a testament to their love. They have three daughters together and are constantly showering them with affection. McGraw has even said, “She’s the light of our whole family’s life. [Faith] keeps everything going for us, and we all strive to be like my wife – everybody in my family.”

Their song “I Need You” perfectly captures the depth of their love. It’s a ballad that speaks to the unbreakable bond they share, and it’s no surprise that it quickly rose to the top of the charts.

Watch their emotional performance of “I Need You” below and witness the magic of their love. It’s a love that will never fade, a love that will last a lifetime.