Elvis’ Grandson Looks Like His Spitting Image In New Family Photo


(Left) Lisa Marie Presley / Twitter/(Right)Elvis Presley / Facebook


Elvis Presley‘s only child, Lisa Marie, was only nine years old when he passed away. 12 years later, Lisa Marie gave birth to her dad’s first grandchild, a daughter she named Danielle Riley Keough.

When you look at photos of Lisa Marie’s now 30-year-old daughter, who goes by Riley, you can see the resemblance to Elvis, as well as her grandmother Priscilla.



But while you could say that Riley looks similar to Elvis, her younger brother is his spitting image.

Lisa Marie’s only son, Benjamin Keough, is now 26 years old. For years, fans have said that the blue-eyed boy looks exactly like his grandpa, and it’s easy to understand how they made that connection.

Just look through a few photos of a younger Benjamin for reference.




Then, in a rare move, Lisa Marie shared a photo with all four of her kids that shows Benjamin looking like Elvis’ clone.Β 

The photo features Lisa Marie, her ten-year-old twin daughters Harper and Finley (half-sisters to Riley and Benjamin), Riley, and then Benjamin can be seen in the back. While you can mostly only see Benjamin’s face in the photo, that’s really all the proof you need to see how much he resembles Elvis.

Seriously, he looks just like him, only with curly hair!

So why was it that all four of Lisa Marie’s kids were under one roof to pose for this rare family photo? They were celebrating Riley’s 30th birthday!

Lisa Marie shared a touching video from their celebratory gathering, and it shows Riley being surprised by one of her gifts. An emotional Riley listens as Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” plays, only the version she’s listening to was recorded by her mom and little sisters.

The song means a lot to Riley, since it is the “song” she shares with her mother. Lisa Marie mentioned this in the caption to her video, saying it is “Riley and mines song.”

You can watch that video below. While Riley may not look as much like Elvis like Benjamin does, we can definitely see the similarities. Can you?