6 Tasty and Fun Ways To Slice Watermelon This Summer




1. Sticks

Slice watermelon in half, place on cutting board cut side down. Make one-inch slices lengthwise, then do the same widthwise. Repeat with the other half.


2. Stars

Watermelon, Pink, Food, Sweet, Fresh, Red, Summer

Bust out those old cookie cutters and use them to slice watermelon into stars perfect for any Fourth of July party.

3. Wedges

Watermelon, Summer, Little Girl Eating Watermelon, Food

It’s a classic for a reason! Easy for kids and adults alike, everyone will love seeing this familiar shape on a platter at the picnic table.

4. Balls

Done in minutes and perfect for fruit salad, using a melon baller is a great way to mix your watermelon with other delicious summer fruits.

5. Watermelon Pops

Dessert, Appetizer, Food, Stick, People, Hand, Seed

Slice your watermelon into cubes, then hit each cube with a popsicle stick, and get it into the freezer. An hour or two later, you’ll have a perfect chilly treat for your summer party guests.

6. Flowers

Use a flower-shaped cookie cutter to slice your melon, then use a toothpick to secure a ball of cantaloupe in the center. Gorgeous!

Check out 9 other ingenious ways to cut watermelon in the video below!